Do you wish to buy a flat or house on credit?

You've already bought a flat or house? That makes things much easier!

You’ve found a flat, house or a plot of land, but do not have the financials to buy it? We’ve solved that too: collaborating with Wüstenrot Building Society we have enabled financing the real estate purchase. Croatian citizens in Croatia and abroad can utilise advantageous tenders. For more information about the credit conditions and possibilities, visit our office (link to offices) or call.

Why Wüstenrot?

Due to a longstanding collaboration with Wüstenrot, The Merit Real Estate Agency has procured an exclusive partnership and more favourable terms for our clients.

The Wüstenrot Building Society is part of a financial with the HQ in Austria, and has been in business in Europe for more than 100 years. This year in Croatia marks the 25th anniversary of successful business during which Wüstenrot’s credit helped “built” cities like Makarska, Vinkovci etc.

Wüstenrot distinguishes from others with their fixed credit rate during the entire loan repayment period, thus ranking as one of the most sought after financial institutions. Beside real estate credit, Wüstenrot offers favourable building society savings, life and property insurance and other services.

See Wüstenrot’s real estate credit offers and secure the financing of your ideal real estate at one place.